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Conferences & Events

NameEvent Start DateRegistration End DateAction
TTAC: An Introduction to Infant/Early Childhood Mental Health Concepts & Practices (April 27, 29, and 30, 2020)04/27/202004/30/2021register
EBTDC NYS Managing & Adapting Practices (MAP) Training (Nov 4th, 22nd, 25th & Dec 6th, 2019)11/04/201912/31/2021register
Social Work in Service of Refugee Children: Providing Expert Witness Support to Youth at Risk of Deportation (Feb 27, 2020)02/27/202002/28/2021register
Getting Out and Staying Out: Clinician Self Disclosure (Feb 7, 2020)02/07/202002/28/2021register
The Meaning and Development of the Therapeutic Relationship (Feb 7-8, 2020)02/07/202002/28/2021register
DC: 0-5 Training (March 12-13, 2020_ Binghamton)03/12/202003/31/2021register
DC: 0-5 Training (March 5-6, 2020_Saratoga)02/27/202002/28/2021register
DC: 0-5 Training (February 20-21, 2020 - Albany)02/20/202002/21/2021register
DC: 0-5 Training (February 4-5, 2020 - NYC)02/04/202002/05/2021register
Montefiore| Project ECHO: Opioid Use Disorder Treatment for Behavioral Health Providers (12.6.2018 -1.9.2020)12/06/201801/31/2021register
Getting Out and Staying Out: Motivational Interviewing: From Concept to Practice (Jan 24, 2020)01/24/202001/31/2021register
TTAC: Interpersonal Psychotherapy Level A Two-Day Training (Feb 3-4, 2020)02/03/202002/04/2021register
Pain and Symptom Management Principles (1.21.2020)01/21/202001/21/2021register
Acceptance and Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for the Treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, July 15, 202007/15/202007/15/2020register
DC: 0-5 Training (January 23-24, 2020 - NYC)01/23/202001/31/2021register
Anti-Racist and Multicultural Practices in Clinical Supervision (June 5 & June 8, 2020)06/05/202006/04/2020register
Beyond PTSD: Helping and Healing Teens Exposed to Trauma (June 12, 2020)06/12/202006/11/2020register
CTAC: Knowledge Empowers You (KEY) Training (December 5, 2019)12/05/201912/31/2020register
CTAC: Knowledge Empowers You (KEY) Training (December 10, 2019)12/10/201912/31/2020register
DC: 0-5 Training (December 12-13, 2019 - Long Island)12/12/201912/31/2020register
DC: 0-5 Training (December 9-10, 2019 - Rochester)12/09/201912/31/2020register
DC: 0-5 Training (December 9-10, 2019 - Westchester)12/09/201912/31/2020register
DC: 0-5 Training (December 5-6, 2019 - NYC)12/05/201912/31/2020register
DC: 0-5 Training (December 5-6, 2019 - Albany, NY)12/05/201912/31/2020register
Creating an Inclusive Community in Your Classroom, December 9, 201912/09/201912/31/2020register
Treatment of Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors, December 7, 201912/07/201912/31/2020register
SIFI Training: Seminar in Field Instruction (Fall 2019)09/05/201901/31/2021register
CTAC: Depression & Sadness in Children: What it is and Evidence-Based Interventions to Help (January 6, 2020)01/06/202001/06/2021register
CTAC: Depression & Sadness in Children: What it is and Evidence-Based Interventions to Help (Nov 15, 2019)11/15/201911/15/2020register
DC: 0-5 Training (November 21-22, 2019 - NYC)11/21/201911/30/2020register
DC: 0-5 Training (November 18-19, 2019 - Buffalo, NY)11/18/201911/30/2020register
DC: 0-5 Training (November 14-15, 2019 - NYC)11/14/201911/30/2020register
DC: 0-5 Training (November 6-7, 2019 - Albany, NY)11/06/201911/30/2020register
DC: 0-5 Training (November 4-5, 2019 - Westchester, NY)11/04/201911/30/2020register
TTAC: Bias, Equity, and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation (10.28.19)10/28/201910/31/2020register
STRONG IN SHELTER (SIS) - Interventionist Training (January 14-16, 2020)01/14/202001/31/2021register
DC: 0-5 Training (Oct 24-25, 2019 - NYC)10/24/201910/31/2020register
EBTDC NYS Managing & Adapting Practices (MAP) Training (October 24, 25, 28, 29 & Jan 13, 2020- Albany, NY)10/24/201903/31/2021register
DC:0-5 Training (Oct 17-18, 2019 - Plattsburg)10/10/201910/31/2020register
DC:0-5 Training (Oct 10-11, 2019 - Syracuse)10/10/201910/31/2020register
DC:0-5 Training (Oct 7 & Oct 8, 2019, Poughkeepsie)10/07/201910/10/2020register
DC: 0-5 Training (Sept 30-Oct 1, 2019, Rochester)09/30/201910/08/2020register
DC:0-5 Training (Oct 2 & Oct 3, 2019, Syracuse)10/02/201910/10/2020register
DC:0-5 Training (Sept 26-27, 2019, Westchester)09/26/201909/30/2020register
DC:0-5 Training (Sept 26-27, 2019, Ithaca)09/26/201909/30/2020register
Getting Out and Staying Out: Vicarious Trauma and Burnout (Oct 4, 2019)10/04/201910/04/2020register
Zelda Foster Leadership Fellowship in Palliative and End-of-Life Care (October 15-17, 2019)10/15/201910/31/2020register
DC:0-5 Training (Sept 12-13, 2019, NYC)09/12/201909/30/2020register
EBTDC NYS Managing & Adapting Practices (MAP) Training (September 16-19 & Nov 18, 2019)09/16/201903/31/2021register
Evidence-Informed Approaches to Clinical Practice (10.24.2019)10/24/201910/24/2020register
TTAC: Using Motivational Interviewing Strategies to Address Tough Topics Including Implicit Bias (8.13.19)08/13/201908/31/2020register
Zelda Foster Studies Summer 2019 Institute Palliative and End-of-Life Care (July 22-26, 2019)07/22/201907/28/2020register
Parent Training for Disruptive Behaviors in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): The RUBI Parent Training Program (8.5.19)08/05/201908/05/2020register
Overcoming School Refusal (7.15.19)07/15/201907/15/2020register
2019 National Symposium on Solutions to End Youth Homelessness06/17/201906/26/2020register
Integrating Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Skills into Clinical Practice - Clinical Intensive05/07/201906/30/2020register
DC: 0-5 Training (July 25-26, 2019)07/25/201907/26/2020register
DC: 0-5 Training (July 11-12, 2019)07/11/201907/12/2020register
2019 HIV Primary Care Conference in the Bronx (June 12, 2019)06/12/201906/12/2020register
One-Day Intensive Training Series: Emotional Self-Regulation (June 3, 2019)06/03/201906/03/2020register
2019 IASWG NYC Symposium: Group Work in Communities: Breaking Down Barriers, Building Global Connections (June 5-8, 2019)06/05/201906/09/2020register
SIFI Training: Seminar in Field Instruction (Spring 2019)01/14/201905/31/2020register
TTAC: The Neurobiology of Adversity & Resilience in Families: Insights and Questions from Work with Immigrant and Refugee Families (5.29.19)05/29/201905/29/2020register
Opportunities and Challenges: Finding Solutions to Better Serve Asian-American/Asian Mental Health (June 3, 2019)06/03/201906/03/2020register
TTAC: Clinical Work with Young Children in Foster Care (May 22, 2019)05/22/201905/28/2020register
2019 Field Appreciation Breakfast: Anti-Oppressive Practice in Field Instruction (May 8, 2019)05/08/201905/31/2020register
EBTDC NYS Managing & Adapting Practices (MAP) Training (March 11,12, 21 & 22, 2019)03/11/201908/30/2020register
4 Rs and 2 Ss for Strengthening Families (Hybrid Course)07/18/201710/31/2070register
CTAC| (Knowledge Empowers You (KEY) Training (Feb 2016)02/29/201605/31/2036register
The Community Technical Assistance Center (CTAC) Aligning with Health Care Reform: The Role of Cultural Competence at the Program Level (RECORDED webinar 2) (updated)04/08/201505/31/2036register
CTAC| Aligning with Health Care Reform: The Role of Cultural Competence at the Program Level (LIVE webinar 2) (updated)04/08/201505/31/2036register
The Community Technical Assistance Center (CTAC) Aligning with Health Care Reform: The Role of Cultural Competence at the Organizational Level (RECORDED webinar 1) (updated)04/08/201505/31/2036register
CTAC|Aligning with Health Care Reform: The Role of Cultural Competence at the Organizational Level (LIVE webinar 1) (updated)04/08/201505/31/2036register

Online Learning

NameEvent Start DateRegistration End DateAction
The Traumas and Types of Post Traumatic Stress Endured by Three Iconic American Authors: J.D. Salinger, Truman Capote and Maya Angelou (July 27,20)07/27/202007/26/2020register
Trauma, Post Traumatic Stress and Accumulated Stress Injury: An Emotional, Behavioral and Neurological Perspective (Aug 4,2020)08/04/202008/03/2020register
SIFI Live Online Training: Seminar in Field Instruction (Spring 2020)01/23/202012/31/2021register
Fostering Equity and Inclusion in Online Teaching (May 18, 2020)05/18/202005/31/2021register
Sparking Innovation in the Uncertainty (June 15 & June 26, 2020)06/15/202006/15/2020register
Quarantined Conversations: An On-line Exploration of Race and Rage05/14/202005/31/2021register
Interpersonal Psychotherapy – A timely approach for client diversity (June 11, 2020)06/11/202006/11/2020register
Shared Trauma and the Coronavirus Pandemic: When the Professional is Personal (May 13, 2020)05/13/202005/31/2021register
Best Practices in Tele Health: A Conversation (May 14, 2020)05/14/202005/14/2021register
Opportunities and Challenges: COVID-1904/11/202004/11/2021register
Empowering Social Workers for Optimal Practice: Enhancing Self-Awareness to Mitigate Stress from Client Trauma, the Workplace, and the Challenges of Covid-19 (6.24.2020)06/24/202006/24/2020register
EBTDC FCW: Managing ADHD and Disruptive Behaviors at School: Classroom Modifications and Interventions (1.14.2020)01/14/202001/14/2021register
SIFI LIVE ONLINE Training: Seminar in Field Instruction (Fall 2019)09/05/201912/31/2020register
Screening for Depression in the Deaf Population (Nov 13, 2019)11/13/201911/30/2020register
STRONG IN SHELTER (SIS) - Interventionist Training (September 10-12, 2019)09/10/201909/12/2020register
Working With Fathers and Families: Journeying Toward Father-Inclusive Practice and Family Cohesion (Self-Study)08/26/201912/31/2070register
Filming Interactions to Nurture Development (FIND) - Initial Coach Training (September 3-5, 2019)09/03/201909/30/2020register
CTAC: An Overview of Cognitive Processing Therapy for PTSD (Sept 6, 2019)09/06/201909/08/2020register
EBTDC FCW: Treating Trauma: Assessment, Diagnosis, and How to Build Resiliency (8.6.2019)08/06/201908/06/2020register
SIFI LIVE ONLINE Training: Seminar in Field Instruction (Spring 2019)01/31/201905/31/2020register
COA-LTC Series: Substance Misuse in Older Adults (Module 10)03/15/201903/31/2028register
COA-LTC Series: Health Literacy in Long-Term Care (Module 9)03/15/201903/31/2028register
COA-LTC Series: Person and Family Centered Care (Module 8)03/15/201903/31/2028register
COA-LTC Series: Health Literacy, Health Promotion, and Population Health (Module 7)03/15/201903/31/2028register
COA-LTC Series: Distinguishing between Dementia, Delirium and Depression (Module 6)03/15/201903/31/2028register
COA-LTC Series: Serving a Diverse Population in Long-Term Care (Module 5)03/15/201903/31/2028register
COA-LTC Series: Advanced Directives (Module 4)03/15/201903/31/2028register
COA-LTC Series: Persistent Pain in Older Adults (Module 3)03/15/201903/31/2028register
COA-LTC Series: Falls and Fall Prevention in Older Adults (Module 2)03/15/201903/31/2028register
CTAC: Best Practices in Supervision (Part I & Part II)05/01/201906/12/2020register
Affirming Gender Identity & Expression in Social Work Field Education (Self-Study)04/12/201912/31/2070register
EBTDC NYS Managing & Adapting Practices (MAP) Training (Dec 2018)12/03/201805/31/2020register
COA-LTC Series: Falls and Fall Prevention (Module 1)03/15/201903/31/2028register
SIFI ONLINE Training: Seminar in Field Instruction (Fall 2018)09/06/201805/30/2020register
CTAC Self-Study| From ACEs to Assets: Supporting the Growth of Resilience to Improve Education, Health, and Wellness Outcomes08/07/201808/31/2082register
CTAC: Addressing the Mental Health Needs of Children with Incarcerated Parents (Self-Study)07/03/201807/31/2085register
Trauma Sensitive Schools Part 4: Providing Services to Students with Clinically Significant Difficulties Following Trauma Exposure (Self-Study)03/15/201803/31/2081register
Trauma Sensitive Schools Part 5: Restorative Justice: A Trauma-Informed Approach to Discipline in School (Self-Study)02/09/201802/28/2085register
Best Practices in Training & Treatment of Infant-Early Childhood Mental Health Concerns (Part II) (Self-Study)02/19/201802/28/2090register
The Foundations of Infant & Early Childhood Mental Health - Part I (Self-Study)02/01/201801/31/2065register
Resilience Informed Service Environments (RISE)_(Self-Study)01/18/201801/30/2084register
Saying Goodbye: Families Coping with a Loved One’s Terminal Illness (Self-Study)12/06/201712/31/2080register
Beyond Kubler-Ross: New Perspectives in Death, Dying and Grief (Self-Study)12/15/201701/31/2080register
Dementia Symptom Management in Hospice Social Work Education Program (Self-Study)12/06/201712/06/2084register
Trauma Informed Interventions for Students in Need (Self-Study)12/01/201712/31/2084register
CTAC Self-Study| Trauma Informed Care Series Session 6: Creating a Path to Resiliency10/31/201610/31/2030register
CTAC Self-Study| Aligning with Health Care Reform: The Role of Cultural Competence at the Organizational Level10/31/201610/31/2036register
CTAC Self-Study| Aligning with Health Care Reform: The Role of Cultural Competence at the Program Level10/31/201610/31/2036register
CTAC Self-Study| Legacies of Pain and Resilience: Clinical Implications for Understanding Historical Trauma and Race10/31/201610/31/2030register
CTAC Self-Study| Mental Health Issues in LGB Populations: Minority Stress, the Coming Out Process, and LGB-Sensitive Therapy10/31/201610/31/2030register
CTAC Self-Study| From Residential to Community Based Care Part III: Performance Excellence: Measuring What Matters10/31/201611/01/2030register
CTAC Self-Study| From Residential to Community Based Care Part II: Culture -Driven Leadership10/31/201611/01/2030register
CTAC Self-Study| Women and Mental Health: Embracing the Intersection of Trauma, Oppression, and Agency​10/31/201610/31/2030register
CTAC Self-Study|Trauma Informed Care Series Session 4: Supervision10/31/201610/31/2030register
CTAC Self-Study| Trauma Informed Collaboration10/31/201610/31/2030register
CTAC Self-Study| Creating a Trauma Informed Environment: Promoting Physical & Emotional Safety10/31/201610/31/2030register
CTAC Self-Study| Trauma-Informed Care 101​10/31/201610/31/2030register
CTAC Self-Study| Practicing Presence: Mindfulness in Psychotherapy with Adults10/31/201610/31/2030register
CTAC Self-Study| How Racism Impacts Those We Serve and How We Serve: Are We Meeting Participants Where They Are?10/31/201610/31/2030register
CTAC Self-Study| Underprivileged and Underserved: The Impact of Poverty on Mental Health10/31/201610/30/2030register
CTAC Self-Study| From Residential to Community Based Care: Embarking on a New Path10/31/201612/30/2030register
CTAC Self-Study| Race and Trauma: The Role of Racial Trauma in Psychotherapy10/31/201611/01/2060register
Social Justice Webinars: Complete Series (Part I-III)06/09/201605/31/2070register
Social Justice Three-Part Webinar Series (Part III): Rights for Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity Refugees: Social Work with LGBTIQ Asylum Seekers06/06/201605/31/2070register
Social Justice Three-Part Webinar Series (Part II): Social Work with Immigrant Survivors of Torture and Abuse: HealthRight International's Human Rights Clinic (Self-Study)05/05/201605/28/2070register
Social Justice Three-Part Webinar Series (Part I): Restorative Justice as a Response to Domestic Violence: Practice and Research (Self-Study)05/04/201605/28/2070register
Becoming a Non-Profit Executive (Self-Study)01/26/201512/31/2070register
Clinical Practice with Interracial Couples (Video/Self-Study)12/03/201505/04/2030register
Holding on and Letting Go: The Red Thread of Adult Bereavement (Video/Self-Study)04/14/201404/29/2026register
The Central Force of Mindfulness in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (Video/Self-Study)04/14/201404/04/2070register
Managing Emotional Dysregulation in Youth (Video - Self-Study)05/19/201405/01/2030register
Building Family Resilience: Complete Series (Video/Self-Study)06/11/201412/31/2070register
Building Family Resilience: Part 2 (Video/Self-Study)06/10/201412/31/2070register
Building Family Resilience: Part 1 (Video/Self-Study)06/10/201412/31/2070register